Yumy.io GamePlay:

Yumy.io is a cool new game which is playable friv new games. This is a Hole io clone with extra modes, you play for a little black hole that try to eat everything on it's way. Join, fight with enemies and be the winner! Make sure you do not waste time, because even these players can swallow you up.


Unlike similar io games,Yumyuo has 3 modes. First one is a classic one. it mean that in 2 minutes you compete with other players for the objects trying to eat as many as possible. Second one has now round time, the game ends only when you die (when some eats you). Last one (Ego mode) is a competition with yourself. 


In this new game at friv io game, you must do everything to get individual objects on the way to the holes. Begin eating small object and at level up the hole will grow a bit. The more things you get in it, the bigger it will be. Try to do everything to get started for the first time by the smaller ones and then try to make the hole bigger. It's not easy at all and there will be a lot of players in front of you who know it really well.


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Use the mouse to move the black hole.

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