The Spear Stickman GamePlay:

The Spear Stickman is a fun and fast-paced stick game of brutal spear throwing combat at friv Games for kids online. You control a stickman with an endless amount of spears. There is another stickman on the screen throwing spears at you and attempt to kill you and you have to kill every attacking enemy before he kills you. Using your mouse, set the perfect angle and power in order to hit them on the head. Otherwise you may have to hit them many times before you get rid of them. Have a good time!


Try to use as less spears as you can and act fast. Become the perfect killer at friv club. In addition, more shots are required depending on where - you hit the stickmen on their body. A head shot is an instant kill for example. Whilst a shot to the leg will take several arrows to kill your enemy so aim carefully. As you kill more stickmen, you generate apple coins. These coins can be used in the shop to buy upgrades like a metal helmet or even a Marion style mushroom helmet! How long will you survive? How many stickmen will you destroy?


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Controls: Drag the left mouse button to aim, release to shoot.