Tap-tap shots GamePlay:

Tap-tap shots is an awesome endless basketball tapping game at friv play now, where you attempt to score as many consecutive basket that you can. You are given a time limit and click your left mouse button to put the basketball into the net. Are you ready to start a very addicting game? Try to play closer to the basket! Try not to hit the ball to the ground. Try to score basket successively to let your ball have different features.


You must time your clicks perfectly to push the ball into the net. Each shot requires more than one click. For each consecutive basket at friv for school for kids, you score. If you succeed, a new timer is set and a new net is located somewhere else. Once you failed to score before the timer hits zero then, it is game over. The angle of the shot required to score a basket. Can you show off your basketball skills? Keep tapping the ball into the net until your time is up. Your score will be added to the leaderboards.


Assess it with high points. Recommend it to dudes. Master your basketball skill in Kickup FRVR at friv2021.games. Make reviews about this game. Have a good time!



- An endless basketball game, easy controls

- Once you successfully dunk, constantly changing ring's heigh

- Works well


Controls: Use the left click to dunk.