Save Animals: Forest fire GamePlay:

Protect animals from forest fires. Choose the best means of escape from the forest fire. Many animals, including a cat, a hare, and a turtle, will use fragile bridges to cross rivers, marshes, an ocean with sharks, and an abyss. From Africa to the North Pole, rescue animals in various areas. Any rescued animals are welcome to reside on your farm. As you go through the stages, you will discover more and more. We also suggest giving players some other exciting games so you can relax in your free time such as Aquapark Shark. Please choose a game that suits your interests and degrees. Your age and join today. Find out at Friv 2021 Online and enjoy this game for free.


Desktop: Click the mouse to the bottom of the screen when you need to rotate.

Mobile: Tapping on the screen will make the animal turn.

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