Robofight.io GamePlay:

Robofight.io is not just a shooting game but also a multiplayer PVP robot simulation game with realistic 3D models and environments. Players can already join this game at http://friv2021.games/. You need to shoot other players online and earn money to unlock more powerful weapons and more awesome character skins in a new world. The first time the players face this special world and try to survive with the skills of shooting and moving safely before the enemy can destroy you. With new ways of playing, you definitely won't be able to miss one of our special shooting games today.

Each player has a unique mission that you can try to perfect on your special journey. Move and join our newest space today at Friv .io games 2021. The robots will learn to move and destroy each other until the last surviving journey. Do not miss any chance today. You will be surprised at how this game brings players to the game space completely new and special than ever. Don't forget to unlock different weapons that you can explore while playing the game. We perfect the new game for players with different themes that you can easily explore.

Join in and play games when you have free time. This journey is more special than ever. Are you ready for a new mission when you join the multiplayer io game? Players will join one of our interesting game spaces similar to this game such as Rusher.io and Rusher.io. The list of new games is constantly being updated.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

QE to peek

F to inspect weapon

R to reload

X to focus

TAB to stats

T to push to talk

12 to change weapons

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