Raftz.online GamePlay:

Raftz.online is a fun battleship game consisting of rafts instead of boats in which you can play here on friv exciting games. Your raft is built out of cardboard boxes and you must collect boxes to build your raft. The bigger your raft the more powerful it will become and give you a more powerful presence on the battlefield. 


The first most important task in the game is Raftz.Online is to survive in the first minutes. Because while you have a small raft that has a small mass, there are few shooters on board, it will be very difficult to support large rafts that have a strong attack. In order to grow we need to collect boxes that are scattered around the oceans.


There are 4 different crew members on a raft that can be found absolutely random. But at the same time all the time you need to wriggle out of enemies. And it is worth remembering that one hit in the center of the raft, destroys it, no matter how large it is. First and foremost, we need to collect the boxes that float nearby in the water at any cost. 


Each box you collect may have a special item inside, if you are really lucky you will find a soldier that fights for you and attacks opponents automatically. You win the game by destroying other people's rafts in the sea around you. Have fun!


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Move your mouse to control the raft.

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