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Play Piggy In The Puddle game in your web browser for free at Friv2021.games and more fun games. What's the connection between a pig and a bathtub? It doesn't go well together... Put some mud in the bathtub... Immediately, everything changed! Pigs enjoy playing in the mud, even if it's in a bathtub. Make our pal roll and tumble to reach the bathtub on each level. Its form may be changed: when it is spherical, it rolls and can therefore collect food at the same time. If you force it to return to its square shape, it will come to a screeching halt that will make your head spin.

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Pigs adore puddles, and one particular pig adores them far too much! Help him go into the puddle and get mucky, but it won't be simple; it's difficult to make him muddy, and this is a challenging game to play.

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