Pick Me Up GamePlay:

You can earn money from driving for taxi companies in the Pick Me Up game at http://friv2021.games/. This special game helps players practice their driving skills while completing work in the best way to earn money. With each trip, you will pick up guests at the point of departure and take them to the location they require to make money. After completing each stage, you will have a certain amount of money.

Work hard to do your job until you have the most money. Look at intersections to not collide with other players if you don't want the game to end. The work is hard but you will be happy when you complete the task and share this driving game with many other players if they are looking for a meaningful game to relax after every hour of stressful learning.

Your journey becomes more interesting with the gaming tips you have learned after each engagement at friv car games. Each game has its own way of playing and the player will choose different ways to complete the task that the game creates for the player. Don't miss this exciting journey today. Save the game to your favorite game list if you want to take the time to get involved in your free time.

In addition, we also create conditions for online game players around the world to discover special games similar to this driving and earning game like Fast Driver and Asphalt Speed Racing 3D. Customers come to the different points they require in the city or even the world.


Left click to accelerate and reach the destination as fast as possible

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