Pac Xon GamePlay:

Pac Xon is an awesome game at friv 2021. In this game, you have to work within a closed area and your mission is to is to fill the empty space and capture the monsters by building a wall around them. Try to create closed squares to minimise the available area that the ghosts can mover around in. 


During the game at frivGames 2018, you take control the movement of Pacman and look out for the special fruits you can collect. Once 80% of the space is filled, you can advance to the next level. Don't let the monsters touch you. Attempt to get the power-ups that appear randomly around the screen. You only have three lives per level so move quickly! Be careful! With 50 different levels to play, this game has great playability.


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◉ Simple controls and gameplay

◉ Characters from PacMan game

◉ TMany levels



For desktop: Move with arrow keys

For mobile: Slide finger across the screen to move 

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