My Unicorn Cat Princess Caring GamePlay:

Play My Unicorn Cat Princess Caring is a fun, entertaining game on Friv 2021 Games. Twinkle, the newborn kitten, needs your help to hatch from her enchanted egg! Take good care of the kitten and show her around the royal castle! As you watch, Twinkle, the unicorn cat princess, will develop from a small newborn kitty to a charming cat girl as you watch! Your tiny kitty princess is going to require a lot of energy!

In the royal kitchen, make sure to feed kitten Twinkle delicious food!When the unicorn kitty is weary, sing her to sleep! Bathe the soiled kitten, Twinkle! Use bubbling rainbow soap or a magical sparkly slime gel to care for her sparkling fur! Have some fun with this adorable little princess.

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