Kuli GamePlay:

Kuli game is an attractive and addictive battle of the best guns in the world at juegos friv. This battle is divided into many attractive levels with different contexts from snow, narrow streets, wild houses, labyrinths or even dark areas. The change of context will also cause many difficulties and challenges for you to destroy the wave of enemies. However, for any harsh terrain, you also need to concentrate to observe and attack accurately towards the enemy.


What is your mission in this game at friv games online? In this battle, you will act as a brave hero who will protect the innocent in every way. Your greatest goal is to find the innocent and help them escape from the dangerous areas of battle. You won’t receive any signals from innocent people, so you need to move constantly and search for them in mysterious areas. After you find the innocent, you need to protect them by attacking the enemy and finding a perfect escape.


Enemies will appear unexpectedly in large numbers and attack from many sides about you and the innocent. So you can combine with innocent people to attack enemies and create big explosive chains to destroy them in the fastest way possible. In particular, in each mission in the game, you will have specific objectives such as destroying 10 enemies, saving 5 lives of the innocent, surviving for 4 days or protecting the house and so on.


Try your best to complete each task within the specified time and conquer every challenge in the game at http://friv2021.games. Don’t forget to play more with Tank Wars and Ben 10 No Arm Done


How to play?

Control your character by using your left mouse on the computer.