Jumping Kim GamePlay:

Jumping Kim is the fun arcade game which is playable juegos de friv. Jump the rope Kim Jong Un and destroy the whole city stomping your feet to the ground. Your mission is to simply jump the rope for as long as you can. You will need to click to make him jump at the correct time to clear the rope and land successfully. Every time you jump, you will inflict some damage to the building on the back. 


You may notice that buildings are destroyed when he lands a jump, this is because his landing is super powerful! In Jumping Kim, a fun-addicting one-button reaction game at friv, destroy the building to pass reach the next level and earn coins to buy cool upgrades such as the stomp, the combos, the armored truck and much more. 


In addition, you can unlock funny Kim clones such as: Joker Kim, Cartman Kim, Bee Kim, or even Donald Trump. Jump for as long as possible. Don't displease the supreme leader, by making him fall over who knows how he might react! There are plenty of new customers for him to wear and you can even upgrade certain items also. Good luck and get Kim jumping!


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The left click to jump.

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