Helix Piano Tiles GamePlay:

Helix Piano Tiles at http://friv2021.games/ brings you interesting songs. With each move through the notes, you will find the fastest path to the final position and complete the challenges of each level. Stay away from the red notes because you will lose if you collide with them when participating in this game. 

Music notes with different sounds appear in your music. Move between the blanks of the notes and go to the last position without colliding with the red notes. This game also attracts many online game players around the world to discover and overcome challenges in the easiest way. 

And invite your friends to join now to the game to experience a fun skiing adventure at all speeds. What do you think if you challenge yourself to participate in some other similar game genres like North Hockey and Block Puzzle Plus at Friv online 

How to play: Hold down the left mouse button to rotate the notes until you get to the last place. Move slowly and pass the gaps

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