GunBlood Remastered GamePlay:

You exchange shot with several enemies on GunBlood Remastered. It’s time to gun. Hold the revolver chop and shoot exactly. The key to success is maximum sped. In the game at Friv shooting game, you have to launch bullets faster than rivals. GunBlood Remastered game uplifts players. 


Start the gunfight, you choose a gunslinger. There are 10 characters including: 2 cowboys, 1 cowboy girl, 1 bald man, 1 hip-hop man, 1 red hair girl and so on and you will fight in 9 rounds. At the first round, the difficulty is 20%. Here you travel to the Far West and combat like a real cowboy. 


In each round at Friv free online, you duel with one opponent. The game counts down from 3 to 1. You have 6 bullets in the chamber and in those three seconds, you have to point at the chamber. You must fire immediately and shoot faster than the enemy. Before you are shot, you must kill the rival. Perhaps one of two fighters dies, or both die. You can restart, if your life is taken away. If you victory, you will see accuracy bonus, sped bonus, life bonus and total score. You go to the next level.


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Use your mouse to play this game

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