Gallons.io GamePlay:

Gallons .io is a multiplayer online IO game which is playable on Friv games 2 player. The game takes place in an old field where the players will try to collect as much water as possible. Since it's a gaming selection from the io category, you will be playing alongside the real-time players. The problem is that all of them want to become rich and powerful by collecting the water. Your mission is to be the best and own the most tanks of water.

In order to complete the goal, place pumps and pipes near water sources and they will automatically transfer the water back to the main base. Water is a precious element that has been taken for granted for too long. Now with the new game at http://friv2021.games/, Gallons.io, we will focus on the mission of gathering every drop of precious water from the field.  

Place pumps and pipes near water sources and earn money to buy cool upgrades and weapons to defend your base, because if someone destroys it, your game will be over. Remember that there are plenty of cool upgrades and weapons which can be used to defend your base. You can use the earned currency to purchase any of those items from the store

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How to play:

Use the WASD to move

The mouse cursor to build the infrastructure and use tools.

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