Dynast .io GamePlay:

Dynast .io is another fascinating multiplayer online IO survival game that you can play here on www friv co m. One of the goals of Dynast io is earning the most points. Another one is to build the strongest Dynasty that will controls the map. You can build your settlement, cooperate with other players and fight together against others.


What’s awesome about this game, is that it offers you a wide range of crafting and construction possibilities, from weapons, tools and walls to troops you can set to guard your castle or follow you on your trips to gather resources. Create different kinds of clothing that can give you special abilities, like becoming almost invisible, running faster or surviving in cold environments. Try not to get in the way of all those dangerous monsters crawling around the forest and other players looking forward to become the leader of the match. 


Craftable items are found in the menu on the left side of the screen. As soon as you have enough resources you can craft an item. Note that if you tend to fight the other players you're more likely to craft weapons rather than tools. Tools are more efficient for resources gathering.


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Use the Arrow keys / WASD to move

The Mouse to attack / gather resources / select options

E to collect item

{1-9} keys or with a mouse to switch items

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