Dunk Hit GamePlay:

Your task in the Dunk Hit is simply to shoot the balls into the baskets. If you do that perfectly, you will see the ball with fire and win a double points booster. And, the more perfect shots you score in a row, the higher multiplier bonus becomes. So, it’s necessary for you to be precise. But, you also need to be quick. The thing is that you only have a limited time to make your shot. And once you fail to do it, you lose the game. Then, make sure that you can manage to score in time.

Here at juegos friv 2021, it is interesting that you can dunk balls of different colors and shapes. Check out the menu and you will see various skins that you are able to unlock for dunking. It is very simple to unlock a skin that you have to do nothing but just keep your ball low without making any goal or dunk in the baskets.

Tapping on a skin you haven’t unlocked yet you can find exactly what you need to do to acquire it. You should know that scoring a certain number of points is included in unlock conditions. Do your best to explore more new cool skins! Good luck and have fun!

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How to play?

Press left mouse click to play this game on the computer or tap directly on the game screen when playing it on the mobile phone.

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