Drone Destruction - Ben 10 GamePlay:

Drone Destruction - Ben 10 is an action game you can play on Friv2021. You may assume the role of aliens from the animated television series Ben 10. Choose your favorite alien, defend Grandpa Max from waves of hostile drones, and earn improvements in between. As our two characters ride in the Rust Bucket, the road in front of them becomes obstructed. They find themselves suddenly encircled by hostile extraterrestrial drones.

Your objective is straightforward: endure all waves of attackers until Grandpa Max devises a strategy. Are you courageous enough to prevail in this high-adrenaline confrontation? Prior to engaging in combat, you must choose how you will use the Omnitrix. For this task, Ben may assume the form of three distinct aliens. Choose from Stinkfly, Diamondhead, and Heatblast. Choose carefully, as each offers a unique array of attacks and powers! Let's get going!

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You can move by pressing the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. Make sure to search the area around the van and in the forest using these controls. It's time to fight now. You can use your character's ranged attack by pressing the Z key. Also, every alien has a special move that does more damage and covers a bigger area.