Dangerous Racing GamePlay:

Driving is more dangerous than ever in Dangerous Racing at http://friv2021.games/. You will move on the road and go in the opposite direction with another car. If two cars collide with each other, the game will end immediately. There are two lanes that you can easily move in your game. A basic trick that you can use in your game is to avoid another car by waiting for it to get close to you and then shifting the direction.

However, this way of playing is also extremely dangerous if the car goes in the opposite direction to you changing the way suddenly. Therefore, look closely and change the route depending on your abilities. Drive safely and move and pass rounds. This is a game for one or two players so you can choose the mode before starting the game and determine what is the vehicle you will use to move in this game.

Friv2021 gives new players space and endless challenges that are waiting for you. Change your travel distance and you will have the opportunity to become the best player without being bothered by any factor when participating in our special game. With this driving game, players have the opportunity to approach one of the new ways of playing and interesting content like other games. Your help will help players complete the task in an excellent way.

Don't miss our special journey today if you want to explore and complete your tasks. We also give players some other dangerous driving games that you need to pay attention to while playing games like Asphalt Speed Racing 3D and Pick Me Up


Use the left mouse button to move the switch between two lanes

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