Car Racing & BurnOut Drift GamePlay:

Have fun with this exclusive new game Car Racing & BurnOut Drift a racing game in Friv 2021 Unblocked. Torque Burnout is a "driving" video game that combines aspects from all previous racing video games. Take a tight hold on the steering wheel, put your foot firmly on the floor, and do donuts and drifts like an expert while driving like a crazy. To become the uncontested BURNOUT KING, you must perfect your vehicle, push it to its limitations, stir up the audience into a frenzy, and then continue to test its boundaries.

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Key Features:

- Add a realistic simulation of a burnout with smoke, exploding tires, and motors that are on fire.

- There are a lot of different cars that can be driven in a unique way and customized.


Drive with "WASD".