Burnin' Rubber: Cartapult GamePlay:

Your task in the Burnin' Rubber: Cartapult is to cause as much damage as you can to the city. You are issued powerful vehicles and high explosive gas barrels. Decorate your vehicle with the barrels, then aim and fire it. Here at Friv games games, the more destruction you cause, the more points you will get. Additionally, you will also have chances to receive bonus vehicles. So, how to create more destruction?


The key is what you aim at. You should aim at high-value objects such as buildings, blimps, signboards, … or other objects that can make a great chain reaction. Another way to increase your points is that you should focus on your speed. The high speed can cause much more damage than a lower one can. Watch the power meter on the left side of the screen and time your shot promptly. The game offers you many challenging levels to conquer.


To pass a level, you need to reach a certain number of XP and there’s no other way. Then, make use of your skills to gain enough XP before you run out of pieces of equipment. You need to take your time to get used to the gameplay, so it's ok if you have several false starts. Keep retrying and you’ll do it fine! Good luck and have fun!


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How to play?

Press WASD keys or arrow keys to aim;

Z key or Spacebar to fire;

X key or Shift key to place barrels on your car.

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