Biggy Way GamePlay:

To win Biggy Way, the new game from Friv land, you must be able to demonstrate the ability to balance any type of vehicles on the toughest terrains. From muddy roads, rocks to high infrastructures, you will get to experience them all! It's the perfect game to practice your car controlling skills. First, choose your desired monster truck to start the game. Cars, motorcycle or bikes, whichever it takes, you can change later. T

he goal is to pass the platforms one by one while avoiding all obstacles and keeping the balance. If you fail to keep the balance and your car crash on landing, the game is over. Once you finish the platforms, you will gain additional scores. Other than used as total scores for ranking, these scores can also be used to purchase better updates and equipment for your vehicles from the store at friv games 2021!

This is the chance to push your car's capacity and speed for better experience on the next levels. Biggy Way is the genre of game that needs your reaction, focus, operation, and adaptation to new challenges. Can you overcome the toughest path? The players who enjoyed this kind of game all try out more choices like Ice Biker and Wheelie Cross as well. Let's show the world your highest scores and the furthest checkpoints that you can reach. Learn more tips on racing and doing stunts from this game to apply for others.

How To Play:

Use the mouse or tap on the mobile screen to play. 

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