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Amigo Pancho is a game which brings puzzle a new style at friv new games. Pancho - A Mexican guy with a large moustache in pursuit of the best tacos. Your main objective is get Pancho out of the giant canyon that he is stuck in, by removing the obstacles properly in order to make way for him to fly away with the two balloons in his hands to the next level. Good luck!


In the game at friv kids games, there are a total of 15 levels. Each being uniquely entertaining and puzzling with the various obstacles and enemies the levels. Amigo Pancho do not have any specific difficulty level, so you can choose to play all the levels with. The game has 3 set of levels which are marked according to the difficulty of each sets, includes:

◉ Easy: The first, 7 levels are marked easy, because they require minimal skill to unlock each of them, which are appropriate for beginners.

◉ Normal: After unlocking the first seven levels, a set of eleven levels from level 8 - 18 are marked as normal, the difficulty of these levels are more. Because, they require more skills and strategy to unlock the next levels.

◉ Hard: As you progress, the last set of levels from 19 - 25 are marked as hard as they are quite difficult (as the levels have various obstacles and some of the levels requires you to remove the obstacles quickly before Pancho runs into one).


This game has fun gameplay, challenging puzzles and superb cartoon graphics. Can you complete every level?Can you help Amigo Pancho escape? Visit http://friv2021.games/. Check out The Lost Pyramid and Mini Golf: Jurassic  



☆ A cool puzzle game set in a desert

☆ Featuring a Mexican character named Amigo Pancho that flies using balloons

☆ 25 levels to play with different difficulty

☆ Many obstacles to avoid and objects to destroy



The left click to destroy an object.

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